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Big Spring Clean-Up Action: Get rid of your unwanted shoes!

It is with great excitement to announce the return of our shoe collection project in Berlin and beyond!  The arrival of spring is the time for renewal, energy, hope, positivity, and, perhaps most importantly, the time of the famous Spring Clean-Up! This framework gives us the perfect opportunity to launch the Big Spring Shoe Clean-Up-Campaign

Video: “The Story of the Box”

This interesting and informative video was produced within our Shoepacking Action we organized this year. “The Story of a Box” shows the first part of the shoe boxes’ long journey, from our basement to a big warehouse, where we sorted, cleaned and packed over 4000 pairs of shoes.

The new Shoe Aid Project Website is out

The Shoe Aid Project Website is relaunched

We are proud to announce that after all the hard work done by our dedicated team, our new and improved Shoe Aid website is finally ready and launched! Maintenance has been conducted to make our website more organized, informative, and engaging. The Shoe Aid Project is a program that collects new and old pairs of