changing footprints into shoeprints

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Mizuno supports girls’ sporting activities in Cameroon with sports shoes!

Having a proper pair of shoes for a sporting activity not only provides comfort during sports, but also promotes and enhances the athlete’s skills during his or her various performances. For this reason, the Shoe Aid Project has the objective to cooperate with different sport partners – such as sports clubs, fitness studios, teams and

Our special appreciation to Bucholz the charity runner

Since the programme was founded, Marcel B. has been running to support the Shoe Aid Project with shoes. He is a professional marathoner who has been supporting various charitable causes by running different types of marathons around Europe. When he approached us, his idea was to motivate many other marathon runners to donate running shoes

Gut Gelaufen

Gutgelaufen helps the Shoe Aid Project to pack shoes!

Gut Gelaufen, the amazing running group based in Berlin, is known for combining running and charity activities. They always identify projects in Berlin and together in a group, they run to the project venue and volunteer their support before running back. These various activities could be a few minutes or several hours depending on what

Okabashi Germany “Holiday with Sole” Christmas Action

Okabashi has joined the list of companies supporting the Shoe Aid Project. With its Holiday with Sole campaign, the shoe company donated a pair of shoes to those in need when they sold a pair on their website – This action, which took place in December, was a way of celebrating Christmas with those