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Can you imagine going without shoes for a day or longer? Going to work without the right kind of footwear? Having to send your child to school barefoot?

Most people nowadays take shoes for granted. Some people even have the luxury ‘problem’ of trying to decide which pair of shoes best matches their outfit every day. However, there are still millions of children and families across the world who simply cannot afford a pair of shoes. They go to school or work barefoot every day and don’t wear shoes whilst playing or taking part in sports. This means that they can fall ill from foot infections, or that they get injured more easily and are then unable to go about their daily business.

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Thorsten Ludwig
Our company is proud of its CSR programme which allows us to share our success by giving back to the community, and we’re proud that our team and products can support the Shoe Aid Project and help it achieve its aims.

- Thorsten Ludwig

Owner of Sole Runner Barefoot Shoes
Nathalie Adjwo
School attendance and regularity increased after Shoe Aid Project volunteers distributed shoes at our school. The children are more confident when they come to school and can now also take part in physical education lessons.

- Nathalie Adjwo

Primary School Teacher, Bertoua
Marcel Leitmann
I volunteered with the Shoe Aid Project to help distribute shoes in schools in Cameroon and I was shocked to see how many children have to go to school barefoot. I’ll never forget seeing how happy the children were when they received a pair of shoes.

- Marcel Leitmann

Volunteer in Cameroon