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Our partnership with ZEHA Berlin shoes continues!

Last month our founder and the CEO of ZEHA Berlin met to discuss on possibilities or expanding cooperation and on how to serve the community more sustainably and the meeting ended up positively with ZEHA Berlin continuing its partnership with us as shoe donor and drop point spot in its Berlin shops. This gives the opportunity for people to donate unwanted shoes anytime during opening hours in one of the ZEHA Shops either in Prenzlauer Berg or Kreuzberg. Moreover the Shoe Aid Project still continues to welcome both new and second handed shoes from ZEHA Berlin.

ZEHA Berlin is a historic sports shoe brand with an outstanding collection of pure leather shoes for men, women and children. They have shops in Berlin and all over Europe and you can as well visit their page to see more about their products and order directly from there.

“It is our duty to give back to community and be responsible. We understand the problem which people might face in other communities due to the lack of shoes and for this reason we are ready to support the Shoe Aid Project in their goal and mission” mentioned ZEHA Berlin boss Alexander Barré.

We are proud of this cooperation and we are open for new partnerships and collaboration opportunities!

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