changing footprints into shoeprints

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Make a financial donation to help our project change people´s lives. We need financial support to cover the considerable cost of warehouse rent, fuel for delivery vans and shipping costs to Cameroon. You can make a donation online via PayPal, by bank transfer to our bank account or by cheque sent to our office. Financial donations are tax deductible and we would be pleased to send you a donation receipt as proof of your donation.

Figures what we can do with your donations
5 € ship 5 pairs of shoes to Cameroon
25 € ship approximately 35 pairs of shoes to Cameroon
300 € cover the rent of our shoe warehouse for one month
500 € cover 1/6th of the shipping costs for a 20-foot container to Cameroon
3000 € ship an entire 20-foot container to Cameroon


Our Bank Details

Bank Postbank Deutschland
Account Owner: Hope Foundation
Account No. 27820105
BLZ: 10010010
IBAN: DE08100100100027820105


(Basic donation receipt without an official donation receipt certificate) Donations up to 200 euro can be submitted to the tax office with the deposit slip indicating the transfer and do not require an official donation receipt. For the basic donation receipt for donations up to 200 euro (§ 50 para. 2 No. 2 b of the German Income Tax Act Enforcement Order (EStDV)) to the Shoe Aid Project, you require a receipt for the tax office that you can download and print out here: DONATION RECEIPT

For donations over 200 euro you require an official donation receipt from the Shoe Aid Project if you wish to submit the donation to the tax office. In this case, we would require your full name and address.