changing footprints into shoeprints

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Thanks to Corona, Treasures were found!

Share with us what you found while cleaning out your closet!





We are grateful for many things. We are grateful that we are slowly returning to our normal life. We are grateful that we did not suffer major setbacks because of it and most of all we are grateful that most of us have maintained their health.

We were fortunate enough to have the needed infrastructure, when such a crisis hit our World. However, many countries all over the world are still suffering from the pandemic and are facing major challenges in their attempt of controlling the virus. Our thoughts are with them and we hope that every country overcomes this crisis and can slowly return to normality.

We discovered that in the time of contact interlock a lot of people were cleaning up their homes, maybe as well as their closets. If you were one of them and now you do not know what to with your good but unwanted shoes. You can donate them to us.

You can pass by our office and drop off your bags of shoes or if you are not living in Berlin, you can send them to us via Post. If you are planning a bigger shoe drive please send us an email and we can talk about this more in detail. Believe us, your help is much appreciated. With your simple donation you could make a lot of people in Cameroon happy.

This year we are celebrating our 10th year and our goal is to collect 10 Thousand shoes. In the last month we got a lot of shoes but we still need more to reach our goal! Only with your help, we could make this dream a reality. So please join us! Let us changing footprints into shoeprints!

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