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Okabashi Germany “Holiday with Sole” Christmas Action

Okabashi has joined the list of companies supporting the Shoe Aid Project. With its Holiday with Sole campaign, the shoe company donated a pair of shoes to those in need when they sold a pair on their website – This action, which took place in December, was a way of celebrating Christmas with those in need – everyone should have a Christmas with shoes!

Okabashi, an American based shoe company, has been involved in many previous social and charity activities, and we are happy to be able to partner with them on a specific Christmas campaign. “It’s not only the sustainability of our products which is important to us, but also our responsibility to engage with those in need” says Okabashi Germany’s General Manager Oliver Stefferns.

We are proud to have carried out this amazing action with Okabashi, and we are looking forward to working with them again soon.

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